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Moon Circles

Moon circles are ancient ceremonies that help us to connect to the natural cycles of the moon, the earth, and other humans. Moon circles are typically practiced during a new or full moon.

When you begin to connect with the moon cycles you will find a deeper connection to yourself and everything around you. The cycles are reminders that we can process and make positive changes, lightening up heavy burdens and patterns.

Moon Phases

★    New Moon:

○     The new moon is a time to listen to your intuition and allow new ideas to form and set intentions for your life. The energy of this moon is quiet. 

○     New Moon sometimes may not visible in the sky, aka the dark moon. 

○     Use this time to go inward and reflect on your desires.

○      Meditate with a smoky quartz stone, obsidian, clear quartz for inspiration.

★    Full Moon:

○      Full expression and celebrate how far you’ve come.

○      This a time when the moon is most powerful in it’s cycle

○      This is a time for healing and enjoying the life you’ve created, sing!

○      This moon beckons a cleanse, take a meditative bath with epsom salt, crystals like sunstone (brings joy & boosts motivation)

If you are interested in attending a moon circle at Avvoa Alchemy, please contact us for more information and upcoming dates.

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